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DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment

Under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 employers have to carry out regular DSE assessments to identify and manage any potential risks to employees who regularly work with computers. They also have to make sure that employees are trained in how to make best use of their equipment in order to reduce the risk of musculo-skeletal problems such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

We provide a service where our DSE Assessor will visit your premises to assess your employee's workstations and guide each person through best practice techniques. By doing this, the workstation assessment becomes an individual training session and as such meets the training and assessment requirements under the DSE regulations. The DSE assessments will be supported by individual employee action plans advising management on how to make workstations compliant.

Alternatively, companies can opt to train their own DSE Assessors. Find out more about DSE assessor training.

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