About Us

Who are we?

Our Principal Advisors each have over 20 years experience in health and safety with a wealth of experience in areas such as:

  • facilities management
  • social services including residential care homes, day centres and homecare provision
  • schools, nurseries and children’s centres
  • waste management
  • grounds maintenance
  • public health including cemeteries and crematoriums
  • sports and leisure facilities
  • cultural facilities e.g. libraries, museums, theatres
  • cleaning services
  • catering services
  • vehicle maintenance
  • housing
  • parks and countryside management
  • call centres
  • fire safety
  • asbestos management
  • prevention of legionnaires disease
  • water safety e.g. open waters such as canals, rivers, lakes
  • NHS primary care
  • private hospitals
  • light engineering.

Although based in Liverpool, we offer a nationwide service. We work to the company ethos of ‘keeping safety simple’, avoiding unnecessary technicalities and giving clients clear, practical advice.

Company information

Registered Office: Suite 221, St Andrews Business Park, 91 St Mary’s Road, Liverpool L19 2NL
Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 6726408