Competent Person Service

Why do I need a ‘Competent Person’?

By law, all organisations with more than 5 employees must employ a ‘competent person’ to advise on health and safety.

Many small to medium sized businesses can’t afford a qualified health and safety advisor on their payroll but still have to meet the same legal requirements as a large organisation. This is where employing a consultant can be invaluable either for single projects such as specific risk assessments or acting on behalf of the company as the ‘competent person’by providing ongoing support.

Why Liverpool HSS?

Liverpool Health and Safety Services works by ‘keeping safety simple’ avoiding extreme levels of paperwork and unnecessary technical jargon. Our reports are simple, giving information on a ‘need to know’ basis to help managers understand what needs to be done to be legally compliant and how best to go about it.

We can provide a health and safety consultant to act on behalf of your company as the ‘competent person’. This service gives management the confidence that health and safety is being properly managed.